Rhino Sports® Basketball Hoops Systems

Our product is built with over 20 years' experience in steel engineering coupled with input from professional athletes and NBA players. Rhino Basketball Hoops can adjust down to 6'6" and extends to a regulation height of 10' for serious competition. See each model's detail for printable product specifications.

Rhino Hoops® were designed with both performance and durability in mind. Rhino's heavy gauge steel hoop systems incorporate a well-balanced design focused on delivering performance unparalleled in its class. All Rhino hoop are constructed to provide years of maintenance free performance.

Each individual system is protected by a durable powder coat finish and is assembled using all stainless steel hardware and backed by a 10-year limited warranty.



When you want to play just like the pros, or if you are one, this is the basketball hoop for you. Real glass backboard and at regulation 72" size, this hoop can handle the serious athlete who has all of the skills needed to play above the rim.

- 6" x 6" Support pole
- 42" x 72" Backboard
- 42" overhang

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If honing your skills is your goal then this goal is for you. With a large 60" acrylic backboard this hoop can handle anything you can image in mid air and beyond.

- 6" x 6" Support pole
- 40" x 60" Backboard
- 42" overhang


New, modern designs place additional material at critical load bearing pivot points in the arms.
This enables large contact surfaces equating to five times that of our closest competition. This results in fewer pressure points, more stability and a less vibration/rattle basketball system.

Rhino Basketball Hoops use tube steel components that conform to ASTM A500 grade cold-formed standards.
The 58,000 psi tensile strength material has a high strength to weight ratio. It is easily welded, punched, formed and drilled to provide a stress-free and strength enhancing design.

All Rhino Hoops® component base material is shot blasted, cleaned and phosphatized prior to coating to assure the necessary surface adhesion.

The ultimate powder coating paint process!
All Rhino basketball systems are treated with a weather resistant polyester powder coating. This coating process has been shown to withstand extended periods of laboratory testing. Each Rhino Hoop conforms to American Society for testing and Materials D 1654-92. This is a method of testing providing a means of evaluation and comparing basic corrosion performance of the substrate, pretreatment and coating system after exposure to corrosive environments.

The target area of the backboard is silk screened with high gloss solvent-based vinyl ink.
This solvent-based ink has an etching action on the surface of the acrylic that assures a long life in the field. It is also recommended for exterior exposure.

The Rhino Hoop jack is designed for commercial use and has a tongue utility rating of over 1000 lbs.
We disassemble the unit, strip the grease, modify the mounting, drill the inner tube and add a bushing, reapply high temperature grease, powder coat and reassemble.

A lesson in acrylic - the most important component of the backboard and basketball system.
Cast Acrylic versus Extruded Acrylic: The majority of the other manufacturers cut costs by using a cheaper extruded acrylic on their basketball hoops, which is identified by an optically wavy appearance, a built in characteristic of the extruding process, and further their cost savings by reducing the thickness of their larger backboards to 3/8" and 1/4", and adding reinforcement to the steel frame near the target area to keep the thinner material from shattering. This design makes it impossible to have a consistent rebound off the board.

All Rhino Hoops® Basketball Systems feature 1/2" cell cast quality acrylic.
Recognizing that the backboard is an integral part of the game, Rhino Hoops® designs do not sacrifice playability. A "player" will notice the difference. Only cell cast acrylic material that complies with the American National Safety Standard z97.1 safety glazing for construction materials in commercial building and structures is acceptable.

Rhino Hoops® Basketball Systems cell cast acrylic has an amazing temperature range for acceptable use.
This range is minus 40 to plus 200 degrees F. Well within the charging athletes' comfort zone. In addition, the Rhino Basketball Hoop System cell cast acrylic is guaranteed not to yellow, or lose more than 3% of light transmitting ability in a 10-year period.

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